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Is a BMS System Right For Your Business?

BMS SystemLearn how an intelligent building management system from Advanced can redefine the efficiency of your business.

If you are thinking about incorporating a BMS system into your building infrastructure and wondering if it is the right fit for your business, you are on the right track. A building management system (BMS system) offers many incredible advantages to any business and is a smart business investment. An intelligent building management system provides sustainable energy management and waste control to all your operating systems. These are vital systemic strategies that will significantly lower your operating costs by properly managing and conserving energy usage. You will obtain actionable management strategies for all of your building systems and property. Below are some of the various building management system advantages you will receive: Continue reading

Building Management System Advantages

Building Management System AdvantagesIncrease building efficiency and lower costs with building management systems from Advanced Control Corporation.

Interested in intelligent building solutions for your infrastructure? Sustainable energy management and waste control are vital systemic strategies that you should consider for your company. You can realize actionable energy conservation and other building management system advantages by utilizing intelligent building systems and management. Some of the numerous building management system advantages you will receive include: Continue reading

Can You Implement Smart Building Technology in Your Building? (The Answer is Yes)

smart buidling technologyLearn how BMS system software can make your building more efficient and lower costs

Are you interested in smart building technology for your business? Do you realize the many advantages that you can reap from intelligent building systems? You can see an increase in the efficiency and safety of your business by incorporating smart building technology into your existing system. Advanced Control Corporation has been creating intelligent building systems for many years in Florida. We can integrate smart building solutions into your existing infrastructure, or create an entirely new system from the ground up. Our building solutions are adaptable and can fit into your existing system, plus they also allow for new platforms and systems to be added at a later date. Continue reading

Ways to Increase Building Efficiency in Your Building

increase building efficiencyLooking to increase building efficiency? Let a building automation system from Advanced Control help.

Energy costs are rising and business-operating budgets are shrinking. How can you increase building efficiency while offsetting budget restraints? The answer is a simple fix when you have an intelligent building management system working for you.  Intelligent building systems integrate all building infrastructure systems to share and adjust to specific data to reduce or stop the expenditure of energy usage in unoccupied areas. Lighting, HVAC, and other resources can drive operating costs sky-high when left running needlessly. An intelligent building management system will monitor and control unnecessary energy usage by lowering settings or shutting down specific areas in your building. Your building will be managed by your programmed specifications to provide: Continue reading

Can I Install BMS System Software in My Building?

Learn how building management system software can revolutionize the efficiency of your property

BMS System SoftwareIf you want to install building system software (BMS) in your new or existing structure you have come to the right place. Advanced Control Corporation has been outfitting businesses all across Florida with new BMS system software. We have developed BMS system solutions that include client input so that each project is customized to suit your building requirements and business needs. Multiple buildings and locations are not a problem either, as all property is integrated into one unified entity through our BMS software.

Our experts have utilized advanced technology to develop individualized graphical user interface that allows for user feedback. This system is adaptive to the needs of the user and is easily accessed through the use of a personal password. Advanced systems graphics can be used to integrate as many platforms and programs as needed and desired by the user. Our BMS software makes integration into your current system easy, so that all buildings and locations are included for easy monitoring, management and change and adaptability

Our building management system software provides scalable solutions to allow all your authorized personnel to interact with their environment. They can access the interface through their authorized workstation, the Internet, laptop, PDA’s and phones. For security purposes, access can be designed to include only those areas that each manager is authorized to receive through their personal password.

Our BMS system software graphical user interface provides many great features including:

  • Integration to security and CCTV functions
  • Compatibility with older systems
  • Provide an intensive security operation to avert criminal activity and damage to your property
  • An established software platform with robust capabilities
  • Minimize the risk of employee theft, tampering or break-ins
  • Adaptability to a variety of environments that include: office complex, healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, colleges and universities
  • Provide access control to elevators and every area of your building
  • Access data of RFID scanners, access card readers, biometric scans, and digital video surveillance

Your building management system software operates every system of your structure to monitor, manage, alter, collect data and analyze results of all your operations. It will alert your managers to problems, inefficiencies, and malfunctions that may require repair or change and it will control your building’s HVAC system with all of it variables:

  • Indoor air quality and comfort
  • Temperature settings and cooling/heating changeovers
  • Time schedules and setback controls
  • Start/stop time optimization
  • Warm-up and cool-down cycles
  • Tenant override capability and assess tenant allocation costs

Another great feature of your BMS software is the customized color graphics for the workstation. The dynamic displays will provide all current system operations real-time information, allowing for precise detailing to manage or alter any variable within your system. The data is provided in an intuitive display to allow user feedback. Our dynamic color graphics provides user-friendly animations to easily identify and address each separate system platform, and all streaming data. Your BMS system software applies custom designed color schemes to individualize specific clients and locations, and can be customized to include other system platforms.

Building management system software provides innovative and effectual solutions for enhanced performance and flexibility to interface with your entire building management system. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in intelligent building design and solutions, helping many businesses in Florida improve their building’s performance and bottom line. Our BMS software will provide advanced security measures to your property, resources and building occupants, and help your personnel facilitate their duties more effectively. This gives you greater peace of mind and cost-effective solutions to reduce your overall operating costs.

We provide many great products and services including design and installation of BMS system software, energy conservation systems, building management systems, and maintenance and support services. To learn more about BMS system software contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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